Service is Priority One

United Testing Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of California-based United Calibration Corporationis an A2LA accredited calibration facility. We have provided service, verification, and repair of material testing systems, for almost half a century. Our strategically located Field Service Engineers have the training and experience necessary to ensure all service is performed accurately and efficiently, with standards traceable to NIST. 

Our facility provides calibration services in accordance with ASTM E4, E18, and E83. For a complete description of United Testing System's services, please review our Scope of Accreditation. Detailed certificates of calibration are provided for each item calibrated, complete with calibration results and traceability information.

United Testing Systems strives to provide the best service at an affordable price, and will ensure customer satisfaction. 

Testing Machines and Hardness Testers

United Testing Systems specializes in the service and calibration of most makes and models of physical testing machines, including the United brand. United's approach includes the calibration of all instruments used with the machine, such as load cells, extensometers, and recorders. United Testing Systems maintain a large inventory of fixtures to accommodate a wide variety of machine configurations.

United also utilizes the latest hardness standards and force measurement devices to calibrate and certify all type of hardness testers. This includes Rockwell, Brinell, and Micro-Hardness testers.